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For those of you who love mocktails or cocktails, you’ll be delighted to hear that we will be stocking Yes Cocktail Co. products in our store. We’ll have an assortment of their mixers, cocktail cubes, syrups and garnishes, all handcrafted in Paso Robles.

Until we are open, head over to their online shop, view their recipes, or become a Mixologist with one of their Drink At Home Club memberships. They also offer Mixology classes, including bar basics, syrup making and crafting your own bitters blend.

Yes Cocktail Co. was founded by married couple Lauren Butler and Brandon Alpert in 2015. Together they make all natural cocktail mixers, syrups, bitters and more, all designed for effortless craft mixology. Their products are inspired by the classics and handcrafted for the modern bar.

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