Roasted in CA, Packed with TX Soul

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We are proud to announce Cacti Coffee Roasters will be available for purchase at the SLO General Store. Cacti’s beans are roasted in small batches in Santa Margarita, CA by Fort Worth’s very own Shawn Clark. He’s got a soft spot for singing country music and a smooth cup of joe. If you’re a similar breed, you’ll thank your lucky stars you stumbled upon these beans.

Until we are open, you can read more about Cacti below or purchase their products at one of these local spots:

  • Sally Loos Wholesome Cafe
  • Mint + Craft
  • Farmhouse Corner Market
  • Tribe Coffeehouse

Cacti Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roaster dedicated to the art and science of quality coffee.

Cacti Coffee strives to deliver the highest standard for exceptional taste, cup after cup. Their goal is to supply coffee in a way that respects both customers, coffee houses and farmers using as much direct/fair trade coffee sourcing possible. Through their relationships and personal contact with farmers and coffee traders, Cacti Coffee is able to ethically source their beans to ensure fair practices. They are committed to supplying customers with the best cup of coffee possible from their mindful sourcing, rigorous quality control and studied roasting methods, while always securing great taste.

Cacti Coffee believes quality coffee should be tasted, not covered up by sugar, syrups, creams or even roasting trends/traditions. They make great efforts to achieve the best possible roast per specific coffee bean to reveal it’s exceptional flavor without it becoming masked. They implement individual cupping and grading systems to guarantee the quality and taste of each batch roasted.

Cacti Coffee is the culmination of over 15+ years of love and dedication to their craft, utilizing research and experience.

We hope you love every sip!

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